How to choose your next sofa?

In today’s world there are multiple choices for anything that you wish to purchase.  It is simple, you go to the store and look at what is available and an you bring home what you are already imagining in your head.  So just how to choose your next sofa?

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that.  There are a great many things to take in to account with a sofa purchase.

ScanDesigns 625 SectionalSIZE

Do you have a big or small space?  Are you going to have just a sofa or are you looking to have chairs in your space as well?  What about a coffee table, will there be one?  Is it going to be a sofa and loveseat or a sectional?

These simple questions may be easy to answer but they will also constrain the options out there for you to choose from.   TIP – measure your space before you walk into any furniture store.


What you use your space for will play a big factor in how your room is laid out.  If where you are putting the sofa is used for relaxing then you may want the sofa oriented to face an entertainment center, or if it is in a room that is used mainly for entertaining then you may have all your seating facing each other.

What is the lighting situation?  You may have to consider this as you may not want your sofa placed where you are getting direct sunlight on it or the people sitting on it?  TIP – take your usage into account.


Now that you have gotten the size and orientation determined its time to figure out what configuration or shape will help you accomplish that.  An “L” shaped sectional sofa is great for being used as a natural divider for rooms that need to be separated like a living room and dining room or kitchen.  If you are using for gatherings or entertaining then you may be looking for a rounder shape.

For the traditional sofa and loveseat configuration a room with chairs and small occasional tables will be the best choice.   TIP – refer to your usage plans for the shape of the sofa.

ScanDesigns Mark SectionalMATERIAL

Sofas come in many materials from fabric to suede to leather.  Each has their benefits and drawbacks.

If you have pets and small children suede may not be a good choice.  While beautiful you would want to seriously consider suede in this situation.

Fabric sofas offer more durability and a wide variety of colors and textures.  Cleaning a fabric sofa can be difficult and you may want to look at this when purchasing a sofa.

Leather offers a consistent style and wears well and can be fairly easy to clean.  Leather may not be the best choice if the room receives a fair amount of direct sunlight as it can cause the material to fade.


Each of us has our own style, choosing a sofa that matches that.  If you like modern then find a sofa with sleek lines and bold colors.  If your home is full of a mixture of colors and styles then maybe a sofa with a colorful fabric is best for you.

From traditional to modern to vintage to eclectic the style of sofa you choose combined with the material options gives you a chance to be truly unique.

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The room where your sofa will reside will play a big factor in what color you choose.

If you are adding a sofa to an already decorated room then you may want to choose a color that is complementary or one that matches the wall color.  In the case where you may be redoing a room the sofa may be the inspiration for the rest of the room.

Bold or neutral colors will both augment any room; it’s just up to you and your preference on what you want.   Just remember that you do not want to settle on a sofa as it is one of the biggest purchases you will make for your home.

TIP – take advantage of any warranty or stain protection  that is offered.

Good luck with your sofa shopping.

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