What to do with your old furniture?

Recycling furniture items can be difficult. Presently there is no way to get furniture items to compost if the wood products have been pressure treated or coated with lacquers or resins. At Scan Designs, we want to offer as many solutions as possible. This leaves people with the option of either reusing, selling, recycling, or disposing of the furniture in a landfill. You can call 1-800-GOT-JUNK. https://www.1800gotjunk.com/us_en. They do recycle untreated furniture items and help deliver items to charity when possible, according to their website. Canadian Mattress Recycling will recycle most furniture. https://canadianmattressrecycling.com/

Bamboo Furniture

If you want to go the route of giving away your old furniture items, you do have certain options.

Craig’s List is a perennial favorite of clients, as