Trave Dining Table

From $348.00

  • Simple, clean design
  • 5/8″ Thick tempered glass top
  • Polished chrome pedestal | black steel base
  • Condo / apartment size
  • Seats 4-5 ( Dining Table 42″ ), Seats 3-4 ( Counter Table 36″ )
  • Available for in-store pick up or local delivery





With it's light visual weight and simple design, the Trave Dining Table features a 42" round clear tempered glass top and a chrome pedestal with a black steel base. The sleek and modern Trave Dining Table will perfectly complement any modern kitchen or dining room.  If you are looking for a kitchen stand up table the 36" Trave Counter Table may be a good match. Featuring a 36" round clear tempered glass top and a counter height chrome pedestal with a black steel base.

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Trave Dining Table Dimensions
Trave Counter Height Table Dimensions


Glass Table Tops are definitely and undoubtedly wonderful additions in your home or office. It is a piece of furniture that can last you a long time, if you give it proper glass table top protection.

Table Tops are made of tempered glass, which makes it sturdier than ordinary glass. It is chemically treated so it can handle greater strain and pressure. Though it is stronger than ordinary glass, it does not mean that you should just neglect it. If you want your glass table top to last, give it proper care and glass table top protection.

Prevent Scratches

Prevention is always better than cure. Never keep items on your tabletop that can scratch it. These items can include toys, books, and other items with sharp edges and rough bases. If you want to display your best coffee table books on your glass table top, you can place a protective yet stylish runner under it.

Clean Your Glass Table Top Properly

Apply any good quality glass cleaner to a clean, lint-free cloth, before wiping glass surface. Do not apply cleaner directly to glass surface to prevent damage to wood or metal finishes.

Do not use abrasives and cleaners that contain ammonia and acid. You should also avoid wiping your glass table top with paper towels. Paper towels can leave an unsightly lint on the glass surface.

Want a budget-friendly way to clean your glass table top? Mix white vinegar and water, and apply directly to glass. You can wipe it off with a newspaper to prevent lint and scratches on your glass top. For commercial cleaners, use light aerosol foam cleaners. They leave your glass sparkling like its new with a single spray and wipe.

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