Fabric Dining Chairs

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  • Sale! Amisco Lauren Dining Chair, Front

    Amisco Lauren Fabric Dining Chair

    $487.00 $438.30


  • Sale! Amisco Linea Dining Chair, Angle

    Amisco Linea Fabric Dining Chair

    $341.00 $306.90


  • Sale! Arlo Dining-Chair in Copper, Front

    Arlo Upholstered Dining Chair

    $249.00 $199.00


  • Sale! blake-fabric-dining-chair-shale-walnut-front

    Blake Fabric Dining Chair

    $329.00 $249.00


  • Sale! Doris Dining Chair in Dijon, Front

    Doris Modern Fabric Dining Chair

    $329.00 $229.00


  • Sale! Isabel Chair in Beige Fabric, Front

    Isabel Fabric Dining Chair

    $199.00 $169.00


  • Sale! lena-fabric-dining-chair-shale-walnut-front

    Lena Fabric Dining Chair

    $279.00 $199.00


  • Sale! Louise Dining Chair in Grey C, Angle

    Louise Grey Fabric Dining Chair

    $329.00 $229.00


  • Sale! Maggie Dining Chair in Grey, Front

    Maggie Fabric Dining Chair

    $249.00 $169.00


  • Sale! Moderna Dining Chair in Grey, Angle

    Modena Upholstered Dining Chair

    $329.00 $229.00


  • Sale! orbit-white-fabric-dining-chair-front

    Orbit Fabric Dining Chair



  • Sale! Parma Dining Chair in Navy, Angle

    Parma Modern Fabric Dining Chair

    $289.00 $199.00




Welcome to our collection of Fabric Dining Chairs, a perfect blend of comfort, style, and durability. Our range of chairs is designed to transform your dining room into a cozy, stylish, and modern space.

Modern Fabric Dining Chairs for Your Kitchen

Our Fabric Dining Chairs are an excellent addition to any kitchen. They come in various colors like black, white, grey, blue, and others, allowing you to match them with your existing kitchen decor. The fabric upholstery adds a touch of elegance and comfort, making your meal times more enjoyable. Whether you have a modern kitchen or a more traditional one, our chairs will seamlessly blend in.

Contemporary Dining Room Furniture with Durable Legs

When it comes to dining room furniture, the durability of the chair legs is as important as the design. Our Fabric Dining Chairs come with sturdy wood and metal legs, ensuring they stand the test of time. The contemporary design of these chairs, coupled with their durability, makes them a perfect choice for any dining room.

Fabric Dining Chairs – A Blend of Modern and Contemporary Styles

Our Fabric Dining Chairs are a harmonious blend of modern and contemporary styles. They are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your dining room while providing the utmost comfort. With their fabric upholstery and durable legs, these chairs are not just dining furniture pieces; they are a statement of style and comfort.



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