Mobican Furniture: Beds, Dressers, Nightstands

Mobican Furniture is a family-owned company whose mission is to offer high quality, functional, and affordable product lines such as beds, night tables, dressers, and high chests. Mobican’s European origins contribute to the creation and manufacturing of superior quality Contemporary and Scandinavian influenced furniture. They specialize in bedroom furniture, dining room sets as well as audio-video modules. The entire process, design, and production is done locally in their facility in Saint- Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, with 35 experienced employees.

The utmost care is given to each step of the production process. The wood is carefully selected for its exceptional grain patterns and combination of colours. Mobican produces furniture made of walnut, cherry, white oak, maple, and teak. During the manufacturing process, it is assembled to create specific lines or patterns. We use the highest quality European hinges and drawer slides to offer the best possible product. Finally, the state of the art equipment is used to support the craftsmanship of their employees.
Mobican’s goal is that our products will help each and every one of our customers in creating an environment that will satisfy their expectations of well being, calm, and harmony in their home.


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    Mobican Azura Double Dresser

    $3,069.00 $2,199.00


  • Sale! Mobican Azura Nightstand in Oak

    Mobican Azura Nightstand

    $929.00 $659.00


  • Sale! Mobican Bora Bed, Straight

    Mobican Bora Bed

    From $3,129.00 From $2,199.00


  • Sale! Mimosa Nightstand in Smoked Walnut

    Mobican Mimosa Nightstand

    $1,009.00 $807.20


  • Sale! Mobican Ophelia High Chest in Praline

    Mobican Ophelia Chest

    $3,069.00 $2,455.20


  • Sale! Mobican Ophelia Double Dresser in Praline

    Mobican Ophelia Dresser

    $3,069.00 $2,455.20


  • Sale! Mobican Ophelia Nightstand in Praline

    Mobican Ophelia Nightstand

    $1,109.00 $887.20


  • Sale! Mobican Sapporo Bed in Natural Walnut

    Mobican Sapporo Bed

    From $2,159.00 From $1,727.20


  • Sale! Mobican Sapporo Chest in Natural Walnut

    Mobican Sapporo Chest

    $3,469.00 $2,775.20


  • Sale! Mobican Sapporo Dresser in Natural Walunt

    Mobican Sapporo Dresser

    $3,049.00 $2,439.20


  • Sale! Mobican Sapporo Nightstand in Natural Walnut

    Mobican Sapporo Nightstand

    $889.00 $711.20


  • Sale! Mobican Stella Bed, Front

    Mobican Stella Bed

    From $2,739.00 From $2,191.20


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