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  • Sale! Calvin Chest in Obsidian, Front

    Wood Castle Calvin Chest

    $2,399.00 $2,199.00


  • Sale! Calvin Nightstand, Front

    Wood Castle Calvin Mid-Century Nightstand

    $899.00 $799.00


Wood Castle takes great pride in their very Green Story and very low Carbon Footprint! Meant so you can enjoy our furniture with pride of ownership in your home.
Made in Oregon, Wood Castle builds SOLID WOOD furniture, not using particleboard or composites (commonly used in today’s furniture). Their logs and lumber are 100% domestic sourced. Most of their logs and lumber comes from within a 75-mile radius, a large amount within a 12-mile radius. Their Oregon forests are 100% sustainable, 100% replanted. Oregon temperate forests are the most productive wood fiber forests in the world.

At Wood Castle, 99% of their wood fiber is used or recycled into secondary wood panels (“Waste not, want not”… Grandma said). Our factory electrical power comes from regional, renewable Hydro-power, with the lowest carbon footprint and the lowest Kilowatt cost in the world. Last and most important, Wood Castle furniture is designed and built to last 100 years! Built to be used and enjoyed for many generations, unlike most furniture that ends up in landfills in a few years. Wood Castle.

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