Stressless Recliner

Stressless is the most comfortable seating in the world. A bold statement, yes, but one that is very much true. The difference lies in the patented comfort technologies. BalanceAdapt. Power. Plus-system. ErgoAdapt. Glide system. These innovations satisfy our endless quest to create recliners, sofas, office chairs, and dining chairs that provide perfect support while replicating the body’s every movement. Add in the ability to select between three recliner sizes or tailor a sofa with low back, high back, and headrest options and the result is a level of fit and comfort one can only feel when spending time in.

Norwegian quality since 1934. Craftsmanship and the love of furniture production has been passed through generations and it’s this passion and commitment to quality that makes Stressless the most comfortable furniture in the world. Stressless

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Stressless Recliner