Fabric and Vinyl Counter Stools

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  • Sale! adele-black-vinyl-swivel-bar-stool-featured

    Adele Vinyl Swivel Bar Stool

    $339.00 $239.00


  • Sale! Allegro Counter Stool in Merino and Black Coral, Front

    Amisco Allegro Metal Counter Stool

    $426.00 $383.40


  • Sale! Amisco Architect Screw Stool, Wood Seat, Front

    Amisco Architect Metal Screw Stool

    $710.00 $639.00


  • Sale! Benson Swivel Stool in Merino and Black Coral, Front

    Amisco Benson Swivel Stool

    $718.00 $646.20


  • Sale! Brock Counter Stool in Parchment, Front

    Amisco Brock Counter Stool

    $537.00 $483.30


  • Sale! Amisco Lauren Swivel Counter Stool, Stainless Backrest, Black Fabric

    Amisco Lauren Swivel Counter Stool

    $590.00 $531.00


  • Sale! Amisco Linea Counter Stool, Grey Fabric

    Amisco Linea Counter Stool

    $394.00 $354.60


  • Sale! Linea Swivel Stool in Merino and Black Coral, Front

    Amisco Linea Swivel Counter Stool

    $410.00 $369.00


  • Sale! Monroe Counter Stool in Merino and Black Coral, Front

    Amisco Monroe Counter Stool

    $617.00 $555.30


  • Sale! Nathan Counter Stool in Parchment, Front

    Amisco Nathan Counter Stool

    $323.00 $290.70


  • Sale! Amisco ReelAmisco Reel Counter Stool, Red fabric

    Amisco Reel Counter Stool

    $291.00 $261.90


  • Sale! Ronny Swivel Stool in Merino and Black Coral, Front

    Amisco Ronny Swivel Stool

    $575.00 $517.50


Enhance your kitchen or bar area with our stylish and comfortable fabric and vinyl counter stools. These stools combine modern design with practical functionality, making them a perfect addition to any home. Whether you’re looking for a cozy fabric option or a sleek vinyl finish, our collection offers a variety of choices to suit your taste and space.

Choosing the Best Bar Stools and Counter Height Stools

Selecting the ideal bar stools or counter height stools involves considering both aesthetics and functionality. Fabric bar stools provide a warm, inviting look, perfect for cozy kitchen settings. For a more contemporary feel, vinyl counter stools offer sleek lines and easy maintenance. Whether you need swivel stools for flexibility or adjustable stools for varying counter heights, our diverse selection ensures you’ll find the perfect fit.

Which Kitchen Counter Stools are Best for my Room Layout?

When choosing kitchen counter stools, it’s essential to consider your room layout. For open kitchens, fabric counter stools can add a touch of softness and blend seamlessly with your decor. In contrast, vinyl counter stools are ideal for high-traffic areas due to their durability and easy cleaning. If space is limited, swivel stools can enhance functionality without compromising style. Adjustable stools provide versatility, adapting to different counter heights and user preferences. Choose the style that complements your kitchen and meets your needs.

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