245 Lift Table

$398.00 $299.00

  • Mobile standing desk
  • Adjust Heights from 24.5″ to 37.25″
  • Locking Casters for easy mobility
  • Pneumatic Mechanism for ease of use
  • Great for Work-From-Home use
  • Multi-Use: office, bedroom, shop or kitchen
  • Matte black metal base



The 245 Lift Table is a height-adjustable mobile laptop desk that offers a unique, simplistic, yet contemporary design. You are able to move from a sitting to a standing position with ease, which makes it great for your home, office, dorm or workspace. The 245 Lift Table is on wheels, which makes moving the desk around while still accomplishing your daily tasks, a breeze.


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245 Lift Table Dimensions


  • To clean the melamine surface, use a damp cloth or sponge and a mild soap or detergent. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and wipe dry.
  • Difficult stains such as coffee or tea can be removed using a mild household cleaner/detergent and a soft bristled brush, repeating as necessary.
  • If a stain persist, use a paste of baking soda and water and apply with a soft bristled brush. Light scrubbing for 10 to 20 strokes should remove most stains. Although baking soda is a low abrasive, excessive scrubbing or exerting too much force could damage the decorative surface, especially if it has a gloss finish.


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